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I know that going through an accident is tough. Going through it without the benefit of legal advice can be harder. Please let me help you by bearing some of the load. 


Hello, I am Attorney Jacob Goad

My mission is to help my clients handle work accidents and personal injury matters. 

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    Car accidents

    Protect yourself from insurance companies that can, at times, try to pay you less than your claim may be worth. 

    If you or someone in your family has experienced an auto accident, don’t let another day go by. If you wait too long, it could cause you to lose your case.  

    Workers’ compensation

    Have you had an accident on the job, and don’t know what to do?

    Many injured workers are afraid of reporting an injury or a work accident out of fear of losing their job. The good news is that, as a worker, you have rights.  That’s not just me saying it; the laws of North Carolina say that too. 



    Mr. Goad is a passionate attorney,. He’s very good at what he does. He has the patience of Job. Mr. Goad is a complete professional. He works with clients to help them be successful in the action they are bringing.

    Gloria, 2019

    He was fantastic with my workers compensation case. Came to meet us right of the bat. Drove 50 miles one way to speak with me. Kept me informed and up to date with everything. Wasn’t a pushover and went straight after them for more than I thought possible. Asking what he could do for me and who he could speak with to better my care. He’ll take care of everything you need with minimal to no aggravation or travel involved. 5 stars and beyond.

    John, October 2020

    He kept me informed and was always accessible. I felt that he would answer all my questions honestly. He even helped my mother out on a case that she was offered a very low settlement and the offer increased 300 percent.

    Samuel, October 2020

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