Attorney Jacob Goad Knows Auto Accidents

Having a car accident is stressful, and it is often painful. Dealing with the consequences of an automobile collision doesn’t have to be done alone. Auto Accident Attorney Jacob Goad will be there to assist you every step of the way as you recover from your injuries. He will assist you to make the appropriate claims.

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Auto Accident Attorneys

Innocent and injured

What happens when you suffer an injury after a car crash?

When someone is injured due to a car accident, and it is not the fault of the injured person, that person has rights under our laws. In fact, they are entitled to compensation. 

When you’re in an accident that’s the fault of the other person, their insurance should pay for the damage to your vehicle. And if you have been injured, their insurance company is responsible for paying your medical bills and for pain and suffering. Convincing the insurance company to do the right thing can be a challenge. Want someone by your side who has filed lawsuits against negligent drivers? Give Auto Accident Attorney Jacob Goad a call at (919) 421-7888.

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The insurance company won’t call me back

Unfortunately, injuries can be painful. In some cases, they last a lifetime. It’s frustrating when you call and the insurance company won’t answer. And, in many cases, the insurance company doesn’t want to pay claimants what is fair for their injuries. In other cases. they do not even pick up the phone.

Is what they’re telling you the honest truth?

There are times when we’ve seen insurance adjusters trying to mislead a person. They might say you’re not entitled to certain compensation. To be sure, it is important to select a lawyer who has experience in this area.  That way you will know what you’re entitled to receive.

It is often recommended that you have a lawyer to stand up for your interests against the large insurance company. Because going it alone may feel like an uphill battle.  But we’ve fought this fight before, and that is why we are here. Want someone who has filed lawsuits against drivers insured by he big insurance companies? Call Attorney Jacob Goad at (919) 421-7888.

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Main areas of compensation for a personal injury case

1. The insurance company is responsible for paying medical bills related to the accident.

2. The insurance company has the responsibility to pay you for the pain and suffering that you experience due to an accident.

3. The insurance company is responsible for paying you for your time away from work, mileage, and medication related to the accident.

If the insurance company hasn’t paid you for what you’re entitled to receive, why would you accept their stingy offer? Call Jacob Goad for a free consultation at (919) 421-7888.

And in some cases, the insurance company has the responsibility to pay loved ones of an individual who suffers an accident that requires attendant care services. An accident can interfere with a marriage relationship for a time, and the individual’s partner is also entitled to compensation when there is an interruption to physical intimacy.

Wrongful death

Unfortunately, accidents can result in the death of the innocent person. These cases are referred to as wrongful death cases. When someone dies from an accident, the family can be compensated. The family has rights to compensation for the loss of their loved one. These damages include the income the deceased earned to support their family. It can include the cost of the deceased person’s medical treatment before they died. Damages could also include pain and suffering before death, and the deceased’s burial and funeral.

Auto accidents at work

For car accidents that occur at work, you may have one or two cases. These cases tend to be complicated due to the overlap of different policies and liens